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OncoPower is designed to help your employees get the best cancer care. With programs that support their nutritional, physical and emotional health, OncoPower helps them 24/7 in their fight against cancer at an affordable cost for employeers

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“Cancer is a major driver of cost for employers. The National Business On Health (NBGH), a health and benefits authority for employers, estimates while less than 1% of members in a typical commercial population have claims for cancer in a given year, the claims account for about 10% of all medical costs.“ - NBGH


Employers today can help control the impact that an employee’s cancer care has on their insurance costs while still ensuring that the employee receives outstanding care.

OncoPower’s fully integrated digital solution for cancer care is helping employers:

In the first 160 Days of diagnosis, 44% of patients make unecessary ER visits.

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Provide On-Demand Care

Provide employees with on-demand, virtual, 24/7 access to a panel of oncology specialists.

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Access to Wellness Experts

Get personalized advice from Registered Dietitians, Behavioral and Physiotherapists, Meditation Coaches, and specialized Nurses.

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Reduce Costs

Reduce costs by decreasing utilization of wasteful procedures and following cutting edge and evidence-based medication advice.

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Zero Upfront Costs

Comprehensive implementation support without the fees. Your success is our success.


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In the first 160 Days of diagnosis, 44% of patients make unnecessary ER visits.

OncoPower reduced unwanted ER visits by 50%.

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23% of all cancer patients end up having unnecessary hospital admissions.

OncoPower reduced unwanted hospitalizations by 54%.

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Question 1.

Hi my wife have IDC breast cancer. Finished 4 cycles of AC and now doing her 12 weekly Taxol. She had 3/12 Taxol already but after her 3 Taxol, she is having a dry cough… Is it possible to buy Over the counter medication for cough and what cough medication is best for her case? Thank you!

Hi, Cough isn't a typical side effect of Taxol. Although it's safe to use Over the counter cough medicine, it is advised to make sure there is no underlying infection or gastroesophageal reflux.

Question 2.

Hello I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Right breast. Just lump. No lymph nodes. Had biopsy done, CT scan, MRI everything. Had port put in and started red devil on 2nd July. All said and done. Finished the red devil and had to start the 12 week treatment. Don't know the name. First one went well. Second and third I had allergic reaction. Then tried new one it went okay but the second one again reaction. Now they stopped chemo completely. Am seeing plastic surgeon on Monday. They going to do mastectomy on 20th January. But nothing was explained further. Now it's waiting. I just feel that the chemo made me sick, my hair fell out, the meds made me sick and now everything is just stopped?? What must I think or feel now. What if it's growing back in two months time. What if it wasn't even cancer and I went through all this for nothing and all they do is make you sicker? They don't care as long as the medical aid pays the bills. I know I mustn't question scan results and MRI results and biopsy results, but it makes me think now.

Thank you so much for reaching out, it sounds like you were managed with a strategy called Neoadjuvant chemotherapy. It is typical to use a medication called Adriamycin (red devil) followed by weekly Taxol. Taxanes are known to carry a risk of causing a hypersensitivity/allergic reactions. Your oncologist had to stop the treatment for your own safety. It is typical to wait a few weeks between the last chemotherapy and the surgery. It is important to allow your immune system and your blood counts to recover fully, which would lead to a successful surgical outcome and an easier recovery. I hope this gives you some reassurance and increases your confidence in The care you are receiving.

Answered By

Kaoutar Tlemcani, MD

Breast Cancer

5 days ago

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