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Seamless and Quality Remote Cancer Care

Access our panel of oncologists free to clarify your question, seek second opinion and use our patient education suite on demand. Our remote patient monitoring and symptom management gives you more access to your medical team right in your pocket.


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OncoPower closes gaps between patients to their providers with stronger connections.

  • Access oncologists 24/7 absolutely free with Ask-A-Doc

  • Receive Second Opinions from specialists and local doctors.

  • Access to an Informed Support Community and Exclusive Resources

  • Use our Medical Storage, Pill Reminder, and Patient education suites to navigate your care.

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Join our growing community, and gain access to our Ask-a-Doc Feature and our Second Opinion Features.


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Register today and fill in your profile so that your provider has accurate information and we can connect you with tailored resources. Worried about privacy? We are third party audited for cyber security and HIPAA compliance. You have option to use display name for social feeds.


Upload Medical Records

Our tools allow you to build a comprehensive record of your cancer journey that are only shared with your direct providers with your consent. This allows for quick interaction with your medical team and easy access to world-renowned specialists for insight into your care.


Patient Resources

Support groups allow you to connect with others with same cancer type and can connect with other patients of your oncologists. Use our patient education, medical records storage and pill reminder to navigate your care.

What Does Cancer Care Look Like With OncoPower?

24/7 Ask-a-Doc

Get your health questions answered on-demand. You can ask questions about specific treatment regimens, medications, or approach to managing certain types of cancer. Expect to receive a response within 48 hours. You can either ask your own oncologist or ask an OncoPower panel expert Oncologist.


2nd Opinions

Get more than one medical opinion for peace of mind.


Support and Community

Connect with others like you: whether it be a group that use the same doctors or practice, or a group that have the same type of cancer as you. We make it easy to grow and learn from others along the way, share your own experiences and learnings, and connect to the most recommended resources



OncKlinic is a full service clinical suite for you and your care team to coordinate care. Don't worry, this stays separate from where you can connect and be social with others and is highly protected. We work with your medical team to ensure that it integrates with the way they do business. OncKlinic includes remote patient monitoring, symptom management, and telemedicine tools such as video chat that enable you and your care team to manage side effects and symptoms quickly and effectively. To join OncKlinic, please contact your physician or reach out to us.


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