To build a global ecosystem enabling personalized treatment and precision medicine for millions of cancer patients

SmartOnc Care

What Is SmartOnc:

SmartOnc is a cancer care marketplace that helps you receive access to world class care using your treating physician and a specialist from top cancer centers

Why use SmartOnc:

Managing a cancer diagnosis and treatments can be complex for a single provider. The SmartOnc helps you and your treating physician collaborate with a cancer specialist to receive the best care, personalized to you.

How it works:

You can search for specialists, review their qualifications and can have your treating physician consult with a specialist who will make specialized expert care decisions with you, on demand anytime during your treatment stage


You can pay referral and consulting fees to both physicians right here. If you are a Medicare beneficiary, we collect your consent and copays and send them to your physicians

Onc-2-Thought Leader:

You and your Treating Oncologist can securely get a Thought Leader's expert opinion on your specific care needs. SmartOnc includes oncologists and experts with top institutions worldwide

Onc-2-Tumor Board:

If your case requires advise from a team of multidisciplinary specialists, you and your treating physician can use a virtual tumor board remotely to efficiently bring in multiple expert providers to assist with your care

Onc-2-Consensus Opinion:

If you wish to have inputs by multiple experts with real world experience, you and your treating physician may use this tool to achieve consensus diagnosis and treatment plan.


You and your Treating Oncologist can consult specialist (e.g. cardiologist) manage your comorbidity efficiently, together, making sure your care is coordinated and managed appropriately

OncoPower Process

Care Manager

A dedicated Coordinator would help you and your treating physician to handle your case from beginning to end.

Global Network

OncoPower physicians work at some of the top cancer centers. If a specific expert is not available on OncoPower, we will find the best suited expert for your case.

Medical Records

We retrieve your medical records and provide them to your chosen expert ahead of time

Virtual Meetings

You can schedule a video or phone consult with your treating physician at a time convenient for you

Consult Notes

Once your consultation is completed, you will see the specialist’s advice in your dashboard.

Local Treating Physician

If you don’t have a Treating Physician, we’ll help you find in-network, local doctors and institutions best equipped to carry out your treatment



Privacy and Security:

Patient’s Personal Health Information is HIPAA compliant, secure and integrated to EMRs

Patients can use encrypted storage for their medical records

Tracking and Sharing:

Helps providers log their patient’s entire care plan, directives, and treatment chronologically

Providers and patients can readily, securely, and easily share with other providers, family members or caregivers

Health Records:

Onco-Klinic can be integrated into your physician’s existing EMR so that you will request for your health records at any time.

You can upload lab records and images to your storage for access by all of your physicians

Manage Side Effects:

Patients can report side effects, illness and vitals to their providers

Real-time reporting leads to quick feedback, better care, and behavioural economic tools to motivate patients

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