Why Practice Meditation


Meditation. This word can seem scary at first. Taking time to sit in silence? Quieting the mind? Not ‘thinking’? What does that even mean?

For many of us, Meditation is a concept that goes against everything we have been taught. Since we were young, the majority of us have been programmed to constantly work hard-play hard, which consists of working long hours that eventually leads to burnout. We might have lived with the fear that if we took a break, or slowed down, we would be holding ourselves back from ‘success’. Our society has engraved in us to constantly be busy. We might even feel pressure, now in this moment, to always be doing something: whether it’s working, making plans, going to dinner, taking care of loved ones, etc. However, in doing so, we neglect our own needs of taking time to ourselves, finding stillness, and going within. The result? Increased stress/anxiety, heightened blood pressure, insomnia, digestive issues, depression, and illnesses (to name a few).

Through the practice of Meditation, we are able to take a second out of our day to pause, center our thoughts, and ease our minds. The power of Meditation allows us to slow down our breathing to come back to a place of stillness. Through the power of our breath, we begin to take ourselves (and our bodies) out of ‘fight or flight mode’ that stress can bring. We learn how to cultivate a sense of trust within ourselves. And with practice, we start to embody the feelings of peace that we may have longed for.

Meditation is when we take the time to close our eyes and sit with ourselves, whether through silence, music, or using guided meditations. When we meditate, we begin to reprogram the subconscious mind to be in alignment with our conscious mind. It is now scientifically proven that Meditation begins to strengthen the neural pathways in the brain that activates our ‘feel good’ receptors and dopamine production. It is also very effective to help reduce stress when going through cancer treatment.

Meditation is a lot like going to the gym. It can take time and patience to strengthen our Meditation ‘muscle’. You might not notice the results following one session, but with practice you slowly start to see the results. Meditation begins to change you from the inside out, and is an incredibly useful practice for cancer support.

Physically, you can heal the body, release tension, activate your digestive system and slow your heart rate. Mentally, you begin to slowly creep out of depression. Stress and anxiety begins to dissipate and might not be as present as it once was. Emotionally, you feel more stable, more happy and at peace. You might feel like you have control over your emotions and can make decisions with a clear mind. Spiritually, you begin to feel more connected to something greater than yourself. Your intuition becomes stronger and you embody a deep presence that everything is going to be ok. 

There are so many incredible benefits that Meditation can bring. Meditation assists you in managing stress from cancer treatment rather than letting stress control you. Your thoughts soon become present, but they do not consume you and your emotional state. Sitting alone with ourselves – and our thoughts – seems scary. But with practice, it becomes easier and easier. Even just two minutes of Meditation can have a changing effect on the body, mind and soul. It all starts with giving yourself a few moments to be alone with YOU.

How To Mediate? (Natalie’s tips)

  • To begin, either start laying down or sitting upright.
  • You can always set a timer for 5, 10, or 20 minutes.
  • If sitting upright, have your feet planted on the floor and your sit bones rooted on your chair. Keep your spine nice and long and roll your shoulder down your back. Allow the shoulder to relax.
  • Close your eyes. With the eyes closed, your eyes are slightly lifted gazing at the space between the eyebrows. This is so you notice the difference between sleeping and meditation.
  • Begin by taking three long, deep inhales and exhales. With each breath you take, imagine all stress and anxiety leaving the body.
  • Feel free to put on some relaxing music while you focus on your breath.
  • You can use a Mantra – a word / phrase – to assist you if the mind starts to wonder. 
  • A Mantra can be: Inhale PEACE, and Exhale LOVE.
  • We highly suggest using our Mindfulness Meditation Modules found on the OncoPower app.

If you have more questions and/or would like to start your Meditation journey, feel free to check out our OncoPower App for guided meditations and additional support. The OncoPower App is a cancer support community to assist cancer patients. Happy Meditating!

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