I am a HER2 negative ER positive stage IV breast cancer patient. Last year, wonderful doctors here suggested me to test for PIK3CA mutation (cobas® PIK3CA Mutation Test). It was found positive.
My Newport Beach oncologist put me Piqray + Faslodex combo since nine months. I got test reports two months in a row. THANK GOD, my tumor is stable! Thank you Doctors! I urge members with stage 4 cancer here not to lose hope or give up.

I had posted last year about my husband who has been diagnosed with stage 3 esophageal cancer. His is an esophageal squamous cell carcinoma type, so there was a consensus among his oncologist at FCS and Oncopower doctors here that Opdivo + Yervoy is the best option I am happy to share an update that he is doing well. His appetite has increased, follows recommended diet and regained some of the weight. We will keep our fingers crossed though!

That is why i like this app .. always incorporating alternative and complimentary services that are effective.

Dr. Josh McFarlane, Thank you. I am planning to subscribe for premium service, and work with Dt. Tlemcani, the breast oncologist recommended by many patients here.

Wow, thank you so very much ! I have no words for your kindness and support. I appreciate it very much!

I have used it. Dr. T, Dr. Luini, Dr. Shah and Dr. Koduru are all very passionate about patients. I recommend it any day because you can get multiple doctors to take a look at the issue.

Yes, by the Grace of God, there we go 🫂 † What helps me is music, has always relaxed me. I too had chemo and almost done with radiation treatments to treat breast cancer, along with surgery. I empathize with you and so blessed to have found this awesome app as well. Made me so happy to know there are doctors here to advise me along with other feedbacks from many others going thru the same or similar as me. When two or more gather 🤗 stay strong 💪

The tool is super easy. I can’t think of a more affordable online doctor service.

My husband is a Stage IIIB non small cell lung cancer, unresectable. Underwent concurrent chemotherapy with radiation therapy and now on Imfinzi maintenance since November 2020. So far okay.

Docs, Thank you all here for suggestions. Warriors for your support.

Thank you guys .This App is great A lot of support.