Community Guidelines

OncoPower is a community dedicated to allowing cancer patients and caregivers to share their stories, ask questions from verified oncology providers, and ask for and provide advice to other users. We ask that you follow these guidelines when using our platform:

I Will…

  • Make posts which enrich the community with lived experiences
  • Ask for and receive advice from other users or providers respectfully

I Won’t….

  • Make any posts selling a product or service to others members
  • Share direct contact information on the feed (e.g. phone numbers or email addresses). Via private chat, this is perfectly acceptable
  • Share any pornographic, insulting, or inflammatory words or images on the feed

We reserve the right to take action on activity that does not comply with our guidelines. If you notice a post or comment that makes you uncomfortable, please report it (top right three dots on any post) or take a screenshot and email it to support@oncopower.org.

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