About Us

OncoPower is a global cancer platform that connects physicians and patients in a secure, HIPAA-compliant space that serves several purposes for its users: clinical decision support, patient and professional networking, peer patient support and advocacy.

OncoPower is uniquely positioned to ease the complexity of cancer diagnosis, treatment and management by fundamentally changing the way patients access and physicians deliver high quality cancer diagnosis and care. We eliminate traditional barriers and inefficiencies and empower every stakeholder to engage in cancer care anytime, anywhere, and with any device.

Mission :-

OncoPower approaches complex problems with smart and inventive solutions that use digital technology.

Vision :-

Build a digital therapeutics company that imagines healthcare engagement in 20 years and asks what therapies we can implement today to get there.

Values :-

Creativity, Transparency, Belief in the Power of Technology, and Optimism. The solution MUST work for all in the ecosystem – patient, provider, and payer to survive. Healthcare is too important and each stakeholder is integral.

Patients and Families

Use our intuitive tools to build a comprehensive chronology of disease process and treatment history – this is stored in one place that easily communicates with multiple providers. Take your care into your own hands by being able to seamlessly request second opinions, connect with your care team remotely, access advocacy and education resources, and connect and chat with peers that understand your world.


Join the movement for seamless oncology care while helping to reduce burnout in this complex patient population. Our intuitive tools make things like second opinion, virtual tumor board, consensus treatment panel, specialist consult, and remote patient monitoring easy. Our care algorithms streamline the decision-making process and put you at the forefront of therapy in a field that has seen rapid treatment expansion seemingly overnight. Network with your peers and publish case studies to build out your expert reputation while earning extra income for your practice (or self!).

Payers and Pharma

OncoPower works to enhance medication compliance while mitigating excess hospitalizations through tighter patient oversight. Join the movement to support educational messaging where it is most convenient for your patient – at home and on the go.