SmartOnc Experts

Expert Opinion:

You can search for specific cancer experts (breast, lung, colon etc.), review their profiles, and request a second opinion on your specific care needs without leaving your home.

Tumor Board:

If your case requires advice from a team of multidisciplinary specialists, you can consult a virtual tumor board remotely to assist with your care.

Collaborative Care:

You can involve an expert in your treatment team no matter where you are in the treatment cycle using our Collaborative Care option.


Expert Opinion, Tumor Board consults, and Collaborative Care can be paid through a qualified HSA account, or through your employer, or submitted directly to your insurer for reimbursement

SmartOnc Appeal


You can appeal any denial that involves medical judgment where you or your provider may disagree with the health insurance plan.

Lack of scientific data:

You can appeal any denial that involves a determination that a treatment is experimental or investigational.

How To Request:

If you wish to appeal a coverage denial, you or your treating physician create a SmartOnc request, select a Consensus Panel, pay fees and receive the expert opinions.

Insurance Denial Appeal:

Any denied claims for treatments can go through our expert independent panel This panel forms a medically impartial opinion and helps you appeal a claim with your insurance company.

OncoPower Process

National Network

Experts on OncoPower work at some of the top cancer centers. If a specific expert is not available on OncoPower, you can email to have them join and complete your consultation.

Medical Records

You authorize your treating physician to send your medical records to your chosen expert ahead of time. Please contact should you require any help.

Medical Notes

Once your consultation is completed, you will see the expert's opinion in your dashboard.

SmartOnc Care

What Is SmartOnc:

SmartOnc software suite helps your treating oncologists consult either a specialist such as a cardiologist or a specialist from a top cancer center.

Why use SmartOnc:

Cancer diagnosis and treatment are rapidly changing. SmartOnc helps your treating physician collaborate with fellow specialists to deliver the best care, personalized to you.

How it works:

You can search for specialists, review their expertise and have your treating physician consult with a specialist who will make specialized expert recommendations for you, anytime during your treatment stage.


Center for Medicare and Medicaid reimburses both your treating and consulting expert if you are a Medicare beneficiary. We simply collect consent and copays at the time of consultation.

Our Specialists Work Here

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